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August 31, 2009

Vitamin D deficiency and Cancer

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Here’s an interesting blog article that talks about Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship to some cancer.  Please feel free to visit her blog and read the article in full, maybe even leave her a comment to tell her you visited and where you heard about her blog.    Also, please check out the resources she lists for more up-to-date information as it relates to Vitamin D research and the problems of deficiency.

According to Garland, other scientists have found that the cells adhere to one another in tissue with adequate vitamin D, acting as mature epithelial cells. Without enough vitamin D, they may lose this stickiness along with their identity as differentiated cells, and revert to a stem cell-like state.

So here’s a few references:

Model of how Vitamin D works in cancer. (from which the above quote is taken)

Science Daily article has the following key points: “[P]revious research has shown that higher levels of vitamin D reduce the risk of developing colon and rectal cancer by about 50 percent….

“For those who already have colon cancer: The results showed that individuals with the vitamin D levels in the highest quartile were 48 percent less likely to die (from any cause, including colon cancer) than those with the lowest vitamin D measurements. The odds of dying from colon cancer specifically were 39 percent lower, the scientists found.

Visit her here:  Sounds Like Weird LJ

Another place to get some current information on Vitamin D deficiency and its effects on our children is on my squidoo lense “Children’s Vitamin D deficiency”.

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August 27, 2009

The Last Blog — Leaving or Staying…: In Our Own Words: Medscape Nurses

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Here is a blog entry from a nurse that addresses some of the issues currently facing working nurses.  As you can see from this posting, she also is struggling with the “why” that causes other nurses to leave the profession.  She makes very good points, and I hope you will follow the link and take her poll.

Nursing is definitely facing a crisis at this time.  How will we deal with it?  We all struggle daily at our workplaces with various ways to deal with the desperate shortage of nurses at a time when the population is growing older and, because of insurance changes, the people we see are much, much sicker than ever before.

As I find blog entries, new accounts, or other tidbits of information you may find interesting, I will add them here .

In Our Own Words: Medscape Nurses

The Last Blog — Leaving or Staying…
beka serdans, Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care/Intensive Care, 11:29PM Aug 17, 2009

” Little is Better than Nothing”
I have been reading all the comments posted in my last blog “Are You Staying or Leaving?” Over 600 of you said that you were considering leaving your current positions.

Although I am not surprised by the numbers revealed in the poll, I do find them somewhat disturbing and disappointing. This leads me to question a bit more about why we are staying or leaving our current positions and what happened to the idea of nursing as a profession as a whole. In my 22 years plus in bedside nursing, beginning at the age of 21 years, I have only worked at 3 major medical healthcare facilities during my entire career beginning in Rochester, New York, within the system and, eventually, landing in and then moving on to BIMC on the lower East Side.I have to say that I love bedside clinical nursing despite the hard work, the long hours, the staff shortages, and changes in patient acuity over the years.

Giving a gentle backrub or passing out coffee to a grieving family or even simply hearing the words “thank you” from a trached patient makes all the difference. And these things only reinforce that I am needed within nursing.Yes, I have thought of law school, especially the area of civil rights and disability, but I truly can’t imagine completely leaving the field of nursing. People need us. They need YOU. I have added another poll question to try and get to the bottom of “Are You Staying or Leaving?” Are we that angry about the way nursing has changed?The Last Blog — Leaving or Staying…: In Our Own Words: Medscape Nurses

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Nursing Progress Notes

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This blog is where I can discuss the current and future trends in the nursing profession as I see them happening.  I will try to find news articles, blog posts, personal stories and links to display here for anyone who is interested in nursing as a possible profession  or,  for those of us already in the trenches, those who are looking for answers to the dilemas they face on a daily basis.

I believe with all my heart that nursing as a profession is wonderful.  No where else can you get as much satisfaction for the work you do; but no where else can you get as much frustration and irritation, either.  As a nurse for going on 20 years now, I have seen my share of changes in my profession.  I have seen changes in healthcare and hospital administrations.  I have seen cutbacks on staffing, patient care standards, and therapy in the hospital setting.  At the same time, I have seen more and sicker patients being admitted with shorter and shorter stays.  As a nurse, I am constantly faced with the choice of whether to do what I feel is best for my patients despite lack of time or to do what is necessary only.  I wish I could say that I always opt for the first options, but I am human and there are days that I am unable physically to care for all of my patients as I would like to.  When you have a patient load that precludes spending quality time with your patients, you sometimes have to just do the best you can and meet the Standards of Care set forth by your state board.

On that note, I would like to include below an excerpt from a blog.  I hope after reading this, you will visit the site and spend some time reading all the comments there.  They are heart-breaking and eye-opening.  These comments will give you a feel for what is going on in nursing right now.

How we used to be!

How we used to be!

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