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August 31, 2009

Vitamin D deficiency and Cancer

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Here’s an interesting blog article that talks about Vitamin D deficiency and its relationship to some cancer.  Please feel free to visit her blog and read the article in full, maybe even leave her a comment to tell her you visited and where you heard about her blog.    Also, please check out the resources she lists for more up-to-date information as it relates to Vitamin D research and the problems of deficiency.

According to Garland, other scientists have found that the cells adhere to one another in tissue with adequate vitamin D, acting as mature epithelial cells. Without enough vitamin D, they may lose this stickiness along with their identity as differentiated cells, and revert to a stem cell-like state.

So here’s a few references:

Model of how Vitamin D works in cancer. (from which the above quote is taken)

Science Daily article has the following key points: “[P]revious research has shown that higher levels of vitamin D reduce the risk of developing colon and rectal cancer by about 50 percent….

“For those who already have colon cancer: The results showed that individuals with the vitamin D levels in the highest quartile were 48 percent less likely to die (from any cause, including colon cancer) than those with the lowest vitamin D measurements. The odds of dying from colon cancer specifically were 39 percent lower, the scientists found.

Visit her here:  Sounds Like Weird LJ

Another place to get some current information on Vitamin D deficiency and its effects on our children is on my squidoo lense “Children’s Vitamin D deficiency”.

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