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October 22, 2009

Similar healthcare issues abroad?

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I’m always fascinated when I find articles that present the outlook of nurses in other countries.  What I discern is that nurses, no matter where they practice, are facing the same problems everywhere.  True, some are having more trouble than others, but basically the same problems surface–not enough time in the day to provide consistent, safe, quality care for patients, administration placing higher demands on nurses to “take up the slack” for other disciplines, sicker and more demanding patient loads, older nurses carrying the burden of the work. 

If these problems are the same in England, in Germany, in the USA then what should we be doing to solve them?

The article below is not only interesting, but specifically points out some of the problems facing our sister nurses in the UK.  Please take a minute to visit the site and read the entire article, then come back and tell me what you think.

BBC NEWS | Health | Nurses calling for safer staffing

Four out of 10 nurses say staff shortages compromise patient care at least once a week, according to the Royal College of Nurses.
An RCN manifesto to all the political parties says NHS employers must assure themselves they have safe staff levels.
The RCN, whose survey covers the views of 9,000 nurses, is warning against job cuts due to possible reduced funding.
NHS trusts said managers were increasingly examining their workforces to best use the skills of their staff.

‘Heavy workload’

# Stand up for staff who speak out
# Safer staffing levels
# Give nurses time to train
# Regulate the drinks industry
# Improve care for long-term conditions
# Current levels of health spending should be maintained

The RCN has issued its 2009 Employment Survey which covers the views of 9,000 nurses.
It shows that more than half (55%) say they are too busy to provide the level of care they would like
.Almost two thirds (67%) consider their workload is too heavy.
And nurses say they are looking after more patients on the wards.
Dr Peter Carter, head of the RCN, said staff were concerned that they were delivering the basics but were unable to provide the full range of quality care they would like.
He said: “Nurses and healthcare assistants feel up against it, worn down and exhausted by the pressure to make efficiencies and frustrated by being prevented from delivering the quality of care they want to be providing.


‘The RCN are also warning of a shortfall in the number of nurses in coming years.
The RCN’s Labour Market Review said about 200,000 nurses are expected to retire in the next 10 years, there will be fewer newly qualified nurses and fewer nurses moving to the UK because of restrictions on migration.
The RCN says the impact of growing retirements from the profession will be felt first in the community sector where most of the nurses tend to be older.

To read the entire article click the link below:

BBC NEWS | Health | Nurses calling for safer staffing

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