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February 8, 2010

The continuing saga of doctor against nurses in West Texas

Here’s another short follow-up article about the nurses in Kermit, Tx and the pending criminal charges.  Please read the comments section on the original post as there is a YouTube link to see this doctor in action.
Don’t you wonder why they would drop the charges against one nurse but not the other?  Do you think someone has an axe to grind?  These nurses have been fired and had to hire legal representation.  How is that okay?  Where are the medical organizations in this fiasco?  All questions I’d like answers to.
February 7th, 2010

Dr Rolando Arafiles & His Nurses Tit for Tat Charges


Winkler County Rural Health ClinicWinkler County Rural Health Clinic

Doctor Rolando Arafiles accused two nurses, Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle of revealing confidential patient information. Charges were suddenly dropped against Ms. Galle’s but Ms. Mitchell is headed to trial next week. Dr. Arafiles has expertise in emergency physician, family practice, and pain medicine and is affiliated with the Winkler County Rural Health Clinic.

Now for the background, in April, Anne Mitchell and Vicki Galle filed an anonymous complaint to  the Texas Medical board against Doctor Rolando Arafiles.  Subsequently, the doctor took filed filing harassment charges and accused the duo of revealing confidential patient information. It gets better, the nurses fought back, filing a civil suit against the county, the hospital and the doctor. Stay tuned….

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