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May 12, 2010

‘What struck me was the powerlessness many nurses felt’

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This article is very interesting and is also very timely.  Although the author is writing in and about nursing in England, I feel the information can be applied to all nurses, so I am posting it here.  Please read this article in its entirety and leave me a message about your opinion on the topic.  I think this topic could begin a lovely and lively debate here because it will do so anywhere you talk about shifts and changing them.


6 May, 2010 | By Jill Maben

Returning to short shifts would be like “turkeys voting for Christmas”, suggested one reader in response to my opinion piece, with another saying “hands off our long days”. I never imagined the storm it would create.

I argued that: “Twelve hour day shifts may have implications for staff wellbeing in terms of stress, burnout and physical injuries.” And wondered whether nurses could “give the same unwearied, dignified and compassionate care after 11.5 hours as they can after just one hour when fresh on duty”.

The piece generated 116 comments on Nurses were divided. Many felt that with no rush to “hand over” their patients, they could plan care over the whole day, get to know their patients and had time to chat in the evenings. “The benefits [include] better staff morale on 12 hours; the nurse being able to spread out the nursing tasks; and better consistency with patients during the day and night.” Some suggested long days worked well in areas such as accident and emergency, theatres and intensive therapy units, and some noted the importance of time off for “child care or other caring responsibilities”. Many also felt it should be a matter of individual choice, and staff should be allowed to work flexibly – although some managers suggested this would “open a can of worms” […]

Here is the link to visit this site where you can find numerous wonderful articles and blog posts about the trials and tribulations of nursing across the pond.  I love this site..Nursing Times.

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