Nursing Notes

May 14, 2010

Stressed nurses’ heart attack risk revealed

Here is another great article from Nursing Times that I want to showcase here.  I read this article with trepidation, but I read it anyway.  I did not realize the implications that this study sets forth.  I hope you read this and leave me some feedback.  I hope you visit this phenomenal site and read some of the wonderful studies and articles they have there about nursing.


The risk of heart disease may be higher for young women who work in stressful jobs, scientists in Denmark have suggested.

Although similar studies in the past have mostly focused on men, it has been known that so-called high-flying jobs can cause the disease.

The 15-year research, known as the Danish Nurse Cohort Study and involving 12,116 female nurses aged 45-64, showed that women who said their job was a little too pressured and stressful were 25% more likely to develop heart disease than women who deemed their job manageable.

Women who said their job was far too stressful were 35% more likely to develop heart disease than those who said they were not under stress at work, after other factors such as whether they smoked were considered.

By 2008, 580 of the nurses involved in the research had developed heart disease, 138 of whom had had a heart attack, 369 had angina and 73 had other types of the disease.

The scientists also investigated how much control the women believed they had over their job and                   concluded that […]

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