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June 9, 2010

Forensic Science for Nurses

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There’s a new blog I just found that talks about forensic nursing.  There is quite a bit of information there, so I wanted to post here about this blog and give the address to go check it out for yourself.  Go to Forensic Science for Nurses.spacer (1K) Be sure to leave Pat a comment.  I learned quite a bit about this area of nursing just by reading her blog.

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I’ve started a blog about forensic nursing to introduce questions regarding forensic nursing, purpose model answers, and promote discussion.

 Forensic nursing science is an investigative nursing approach to explain the events and associated medical-legal issues when injury is sustained by trauma, abuse, neglect, violence, traumatic accidents, and traumatic events of nature.  The overall goal of the forensic nurse is to work with the law enforcement to find the truth, catch perpetrators, exonerate the innocent, and reduce crime.  Medical-legal issues are also encountered in other areas where the law regulates the practice.

What are the eight practice areas of forensic nursing?  Read the blog to find the answer.  Follow this link:


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