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March 29, 2011

Japan radiation makes way to U.S.

The news about the tragedy in Japan makes my heart sad and it physically hurts me.  I try not to watch all the news coverage, but I do want to stay informed.  I would like to do something to help those poor people and the animals that are now homeless and alone.

I watch the news about the nuclear reactors with trepidation.  I feel that we are only being told part of the story.  So, when I found this article,in the USA Today, I felt compelled to help spread this information.  Please click over and read the article entirely and at the end of this post, there is a link to a free CE for nurses dealing with radiation.


By Judy Keen, USA TODAY

States detecting radiation
Tiny amounts of radiation traced to the nuclear plant crisis in Japan have been detected in at least 14 states


At least 15 states have found trace amounts of radiation from the crippled nuclear plant in Japan, but officials say the levels of radioactivity are much too low to prompt health concerns.

Very low concentrations of iodine-131 were found last week in a rainwater sample in Boston. “It is not a problem for public safety nor is it a threat to the drinking water supply,” said Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Richard Sullivan.

Sullivan ordered the collection of drinking water samples from 12 locations Sunday. Tests showed the water was “absolutely clean,” he said.

No radiation has been discovered in Virginia, but state Health Commissioner Karen Remley said she asked that routine quarterly monitoring be conducted this week instead of next week as scheduled. “I am not worried,” she said.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that its nationwide air monitoring system found “slightly higher” radiation levels in some locations than last week but said…[Read More]


Here is the link to the free CEU for nurses on Radiation Incidents and Emergency Preparedness.  Hopefully we can all do our part to be prepared for possible outcomes of this tragedy.

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