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April 4, 2011

A New Program for Foot Care Nursing is Available Online

Foot care is not the most glamorous  area of nursing care, but I believe it is one of the building blocks to good health.  If feet are not assessed and cared for properly, all types of physical and emotional issues can arise.

I have always been interested in learning how to do proper foot care and used to follow a particular thread on’s forum that was about foot care as a business idea for nurses.  I got frustrated when I learned that to become trained and certified, I would need to go the west coast to take classes and then I would need to certify with Wound Care certification.  It seemed like quite a bit of effort and money to maybe be able to make a living as an entrepreneur nurse.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found this PR in my email.  I am really interested in checking this out, and I thought someone out there also might enjoy this information, so I am posting it here.

Poor or no foot care can cause infections, amputations even death of Diabetics. Professional Education, LLC, is launching a comprehensive Foot Care Program online for nurses.

This program requires no travel, no time away from home or work and no specific dates or hours of attendance. It can be the prep program for the exam for Certified Foot Care Nurse, a new specialty nurses can add to their career resume.
Austin, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) January 29, 2011

Professional Education, LLC, has a Foot Care Program for RNs that is entirely online. The program brings their knowledge-base in diabetic foot care to where it should be. Regular and monitored foot care is essential for diabetics and those with other chronic illnesses, and a deficiency in this care can be deadly. Diabetes Mellitus is said to be diagnosed in over 11.2% of men and 10.2% of women over 20 years old, according to the American Diabetes Association, but few nursing schools include more than a cursory mention of care of the feet in their curriculums. No nursing text reviewed had over 1.5 pages of text on the feet and many less than one.

A new specialty, Foot Care Nurse (CFCN) now provides the information for nurses to perform appropriate foot care to diabetics and other chronically ill patients. Professional Education’s RN Foot Care Program on is a prep class for the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board exam ( to become a Foot Care Nurse (CFCN®) or can be taken just for added information. This specialty is growing rapidly because of the maturing of our population and the rapid increase in diabetics. A Certificate of Attendance to a prep course and an Internship are required for taking the FCN exam. The exam is taken at nearby test centers.

The trend in attaining specialty certifications makes this Program attractive. Nurses with a specialty certification are paid an average of $12.81 more per hour, according to the RN Magazine’s 2009 Nurse Earnings Survey. Though not defined by specialty, this Survey does indicate that a specialty increases the earning power of RNs.

“Foot Care Nurses are valuable in these days of the high rate of diabetes,” says Suzie Fleak, R.N., Centrum Manager, Columbus, OH. “Foot care is important to maintaining health for the diabetic.” Fleak suggests these specially trained nurses can be utilized in nursing homes, wound care facilities, critical and emergency care units; in community and home health nursing, medical and podiatry offices and many other locations where health care is provided.

Professional Education, LLC, launched January 2011, will be offering quality courses within a wide array of professional specialties and strives for excellence in the programs. All courses will be on-line only, though when needed by the specialty, Internships will be designed for that purpose. All courses are written by experts in the specialty. For questions and if you know of courses that would meet our site goals, see or contact us at 512-763-9340.

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